It’s been a while since I updated my blog so I got a few things to mention.

Firstly, I Am Stealf has started to go through the mixing & mastering process. I got a feeling this could take a while though, just getting the finished tracks to sound as I imagine them in my head isn’t easy, and even harder trying to explain them to someone else, but we’re getting there. It doesn’t help that I’m being super picky about it either, but it’s gotta be perfect. The artwork is pretty much done too, just got the tracklist to sort out (I’m pretty sure that’s gonna take a while too). I have about 22 tracks to get mix and mastered then I’ll chose 12-14 that will make the album. The remaining tracks will go on post-album mixtape/EP too, so nothing will get left on the cutting room floor. There’s also going to be an instrumental version of the album too, so all the beats on the album, except the bonus track 😉 will be available for emcee’s to do their own version of the tracks.

Secondly, I have got a couple of new items in the store. You can now get I Am Stealf t-shirts and hoodies. Real simple design, using the speech bubble from the album artwork. The t-shirts and hoodies coming in pretty much any colour, I’ve just chosen the white and black ones to show for ease really, but you can get blue, grey, red etc too.

The hoodies are £25.50 ($39.99) and the t-shirts are £9.50 ($15.00) + £2.50 P&P. Bargin. Just head over to The Store to get yours.

Dap C also dropped a new FREE album, Stick Or Twist. Dap recorded this in a stupidly fast time, and it came out really nice. Featuring De Facto Entertainment artist Clas-Sick, Brooklyn‘s R.H. Bless, Wes Dolan & Phil Ashmore, Stick Or Twist has got a diverse collection of collaborating artists.

Make sure you get your copy by clicking here and getting it downloaded.

All the tracks are produced by Kimbo Hareez, with the exception of BulletProof, the albums Stealf produced track.

Deeze has also dropped The Pre-Turn, his new mixtape. I got put in touch with Deeze through Tricksta, of WolfTown, Park Street PR and Rago Magazine and was told he was looking for beats for The Pre-Turn. I sent a bunch of stuff over that I thought he would like, and My Biznezz Card was the result. Deeze also had production from Tricksta and Jabba Tha Kut, as well as using a couple of Alchemist beats (which is always a good thing in my eyes) and Deeze sounds sick on Al’s beats.

You can get The Pre-Turn by clicking here

Check out My Biznezz Card and make sure you check out Deeze on Facebook

I also recently did an interview with Recharged Magazine. Recharged is a new digital magazine for everything related to urban music and culture. The interview took place at my studio and we talked about my album, influences, how I learnt to produce and what I use to do it.

Take a read of the interview by clicking

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