People always seem to expect beats for free. There’s a few reasons I can see for this. Firstly, far too many people refer to themselves as producers, when in reality, they’re just playing with stock sounds in Fruity Loops. They then give these beats away for free and move on. They’re not actually part of the recording process, they don’t do any mixing, they don’t reprogram the beat after vocal recording and they don’t provide any input during the whole process either. This shouldn’t make a proper producers job harder, but it does, cos people are getting a service for free, which to many people is better than paying for it, even if the service you pay for is more professional.

Secondly, when you pay for something, you tend to treat it with more respect. Something that’s free rarely has any value, including beats. So when an artist gets a beat for free, no matter how good it is, I’m willing to bet they wouldn’t spend as much time and care when writing and recording as they would if they had paid money out for the beat. The same applies to studio time too. When you get free studio time, there’s nothing there to make sure you give it everything, cos you can always come back at anytime and rework it, if you bother. When you pay per hour for proper studio time, then you will be twice as productive because you don’t want to waste a second of it. That’s my theory anyway.

Lastly, most producers that charge for beats (and by charge, I mean £100+) will usually have a reputation, or done some work with major artists. Usually there’s a reason for the amount people charge, the expression “You get what you pay for” really does apply here. You might be able to get a beat for free from your mates mate, or you can invest in yourself, take yourself seriously and get a proper producer on board. A real producer will really get involved as much as he can, from recording the artist, to giving advice on delivery and format, mixing, mastering and even help with promo.

So when you buy a Stealf beat, you get way more than a beat. You get a producer too. You get someone that’s put in work with some big names, a producer that’s developed his own sound, a producer with over 1.2 million downloads under his belt, and a producer that’s earned a lot respect and critical acclaim from all over the industry and a producer with around 14,000 fans that will be kept up to date with everyone he works with. I’ve had to give beats away for free and do a lot of work for free too, that’s part of getting in the game, making connections and building a reputation. But it’s just as important to realise when you can start to move on from that.

It shows a lot of commitment and dedication when you hand over money to work with a producer. But what better way is there to invest in your music?

If you’re a serious artist and you wanna do some serious work,  and get at me