Here at Finebeats we love reporting on the news worldwide … it’s what we do. But if there is one thing we love more, its making the news. Sometimes there is real talent lurking un-discovered in the Hip Hop ranks, but many times it just seems impossible to figure out how to fit in with the fast pace world of musical production or even how to link up with the other brains needed to make things happen.

To combat this problem has teamed up with UK production genius Stealf to take an inside look at the musical process in action and offer insight into how to make a Hip Hop track bang.

We pick up the Stealf story off the back of the recent completion of his upcoming album ”I am stealf” and towards the end of his current project with  U.S Hip Hop talent Solomon, an LP entitled “The Artful Dodgers LP”, which is 9 tracks deep already with the final 2 tracks already underway to finish it off.

We spoke to Solomon about his experiences of working with Stealf so far and how the two linked up,

“The 1st bit of work I heard from Stealf was on a mutual friend/emcee’s track…A cat by the name of Wordsmith. I dug the beat so much that I had to find out who made it and how I could work with
him. So after some quick searching (and a little bit of harassment…sorry Wordsmith) I ended up linking with Stealf on Facebook. We chopped it up via the inbox and concocted a plan for an LP…We were on the same page musically. We both wanted to produce a dope body of work without falling into the over saturated norm of mixtapes and dumbed down singles. So..The Artful Dodgers were born.”

Over the coming weeks we will be documenting the proceedings of the completion of the LP and hearing what Stealf has been up to with a few inside production tips and tricks along the way.

Stay tuned to “The Stealf Diaries” for weekly updates from Finebeats favourite UK producer.

Want your own stealf beat ? ……Contact Stealf  HERE for further details about working with one of the UK’s hottest talents.